Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Should I or shouldn't I? Those are the things that occupy my mind right now as I'm constantly deliberating whether I should get Chaz neutered or not. There's the possibility of him spraying (the feline equivalent of a dog marking his territory) but so far he hasn't done anything like that. He knows how to use his litter box and so far, so good. If I do get him neutered there is the possibility of getting him fat faster (a side effect of neutering). I want him to reach more than 15 lbs. so I can have a big and heavy hairy pet to lie around my room waiting for me to feed him. I got the idea when I remembered seeing the pictures of Hercules, the 20 lb. dog food filching fat cat over the net earlier this year:

I'm already calling him "Fat Cat" and talking him into being pleasingly plump. Ok, I'll probably get a lot of notes here telling me about the dangers of diabetes in cats. I'll just get him to that stage where he's fat but not terribly obese. Just enough for me to get my arms to circle around that cat. By the way, I tried searching for big Herc on YouTube and I don't know if this is that Herc but it's just as chubby:

* Pictures series culled from here and here.

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