Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another prospect from another breeder in Cavite. This one looks a lot more promising than the ones I've been seeing these past weeks. He's not pushy like the other breeders I've been talking to, he only asked that I personally come and look at the puppies he bred. He says the sire (or father of the pups) is "Brandon" son of "Adolph's Call of the Wild" (these kennel names sounding like racehorses are still new to me so it sounds really weird). Here's what the dam (or mother) looks like:

Looks like a real beauty. I can't find a picture of Brandon or the breeder in the messageboard he gave me but it's OK. I'll take his word for it anyway. He's offering me the first pick of the litter and sent pictures of the male pups available. So far I'm leaning towards getting this one:

Good body conformation, the head's nice, color, ears, paws, eyes, and nose look good. And here's my fallback in case the breeder changes his mind and decides to get the first pick himself:

I've got an appointment with the breeder to see the pups on Tuesday. He also said it's ok to take my time to evaluate this potential pup against all the others I'll be looking at. This presents a dilemma as my frustration with previous breeders clouded my judgment and reserved a puppy with a breeder whose puppy I've only seen in pictures he sent through the phone. Though he did made a large loophole wherein he didn't push my commitment to take the puppy but rather ask if I'm still interested with his pup. I'm also in talks with another breeder in Taguig whose pup, he bragged, has parents larger than the standard, big boned, and yellow to boot. I've seen it and also made a reservation. What compounds the problem is that I've also made a commitment to see another breeder's pup tomorrow which he also informed me is the son of a champion sire. Decisions, decisions. Darn.

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