Friday, April 20, 2007

I finally found my lab puppy after weeks of searching! I initially narrowed down my search to two breeders, both from opposite sides of the Metro. I met with the breeder from down south last Thursday and the other breeder from up north yesterday (incidentally a bank was robbed some minutes after I passed the mall on my way home). I was impressed with the puppies they showed me, one was pushy with the sale and didn't answer much of the questions I learned to ask breeders while I was impressed with the other's candor and demeanor. One puppy impressed me because it came from a huge stock of breeding parents while the other came from a titled sire. While the other impressed me with the ancestry which not only included a huge number of red and green marks (signifying champion and dogs of merit respectively in its ancestry) but the sire himself is one of them titled dogs! Not to mention the all important price which is also a big factor to consider.

I've no pictures of the huge pup but I have these pictures and one video the breeder from up north sent me through the mail yesterday (the bigger pup on the right is the one I'm considering getting):

He's the pup that jumped on the barking pup in this video.

I paid a visit to the said breeder earlier today and the scene with the pups with the video above was the same thing they did after the novelty of the new visitor wore off. The breeder separated the two male pups from the rest of the litter and after a while the compact and rounder pup started barking towards the other side where his sisters were located, crying for their attention while the bigger pup starting mouthing and nipping his younger brother everytime the barking started to get out of hand as if to say, "Quit yapping, you!" The breeder informed me that the yappy pup was brunt of the entire litter's bites and nips (one female was the alpha of the group while the bigger male was the beta). There were also a couple of Huskies and a huge female German Shepherd posited near the gate. The entire set up was even a dream for me! Oh man, this makes the entire decision making a lot harder than it is. I struck a deal asking if I could hold off at least up until tomorrow afternoon after paying a visit to the other breeder to see how it goes. I still have a lot of questions to ask.

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