Saturday, April 21, 2007

I have seen both pups as of this writing and though the one down south impressed me with its height and size but the one up north gave me a lot of info and support to quell some lingering doubts I was entertaining at the time because up until then I was all set to get the bigger pup and the visit to other breeder was just incidental to cover all bases. Now I don't like to be a jerk and all but then I already gave my word that I will get the pup from the one down south but the other one had a lot of things going in favor for him: very good lineage, after-sales support, honesty, he didn't blackmail me into reserving a pup, and this pup was a lot cheaper than the other who didn't have those same qualities. I know I was being a jerk when I marched to the first breeder, asked some more questions and finally asked for a discount. If being a jerk was the flipside of living with a purchase for the next decade or so without a peace of mind and lots of regret then I guess I had no recourse but to be one in this instance. I hated myself long afterwards but at the same time I felt as if a thorn was plucked out. I sent a text message to the other breeder informing him of my intent to pick up the bigger pup on Tuesday. I now know better and I'll steer clear of being a big jerk the next time around.

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