Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just got back from checking out the second prospect from a breeder in Quezon City. This one puppy's a lot better looking than the previous lab I saw some two weeks ago and I was sorely tempted to get this one. It's not the cream color I was hoping for but it's still beautiful nonetheless. It's a 3 month old "orangey" pup who in all probability grow up to be as beautiful as the dark yellow lab you can see here (with the addition of a wide orange stripe running down its back). Here are some pictures I took of the lab with the owner's daughter helpfully keeping it posed while I worked the camera:

This was also the biggest pup in the entire litter which I should mention is an entirely boisterous group composed of two males and one female. Everything's great with this one, there were a lot of red and green lines in his registration papers signifying champion lines in his ancestry. You'll have to trust me when I say he's gorgeous, really (the entire litter and their cage took a quick hosing down in preparation for my visit) and I'm willing to forgo the cream color and short haired lab I was hoping for except there were a lot of red flags warning me not to take this pup. If I didn't known about lab standards and scrutinizing breeders then I would have secured the deal and walked out of there happy and ignorant. Times like these make me almost wish that I shouldn't have read up on those. Almost. I gave my word I'll inform the seller of my final decision on Saturday night. That means I still have four days to work this out on my own. If I don't get this one then he will be a standard whom all future prospects will be measured against.

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