Thursday, April 12, 2007

The quest for the best yellow lab continues as I just got back from another breeder to check out his litter. The pups are only one and half months old and they're a cute bunch. They're not as rambunctious as the ones I saw previously (or at least, not yet anyway). These pups are as close to the general conformation as far as the muzzle goes: neither long and narrow nor short and stubby. Here's puppy #1

And puppy #2

Here's a video of all the puppies available:

And the dam which was caged on the other side of the premises:

The only red flags with this breeder was the fact that the breeder treated the whole procedure with the snobbishness of a businessman conducting a transaction. I'm going to have to live with this dog for the next 10-12 years and he was pushing the sale on me. Not directly pushing it but I keep getting the impression that he was with his words. He also didn't have any medical certifications for the sire and dam (all he bragged about was the red marks on the dam's reg certificate). Except for those annoying points he's ok. The pups' cream colors will darken in time as they grow old with the exception of a couple of reddish pups whom he's proud of I think I'll pass. The dam's too short for my taste too. As far as what I'm looking for goes, I'm partial to a yellow lab that's as close to white or orange as possible that has a short stubby snout like these pups advertised middle of last month:

I didn't get there as fast I should because they were all sold out and the one left was as expensive a potential show champion (despite the fact that it has a lot of serious faults and cannot be shown at all). Or something like Bardagol here who's got a muzzle like a bear or a chow chow:

They're really faults that could probably disqualify the dog if it's entered in a show arena or gain minus points for having one. Cute fella ain't he?

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