Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kasama ang mga tagpo ng hagpis at pighati: Basang-basa OMG Ang Kati, Totoy Kamote ooh sige sige..., Tigidig Patrol's Panaghoy ng Tigyawat, Sa Alon ng mga Taong Hipon! Agosto 2007 asteeg! :)
Manix Abrera's much awaited third compilation of Kiko Machine komiks is scheduled to come out in two months. Incidentally, I recently bought the second book and though it had a lot more pages than the first one it didn't let me down in the laugh department. I'm not sure if this is going to be the cover for the third book but I laud his efforts to be experimental in his book covers. I'm not sure if it's exclusive during the 80s decade when the subtle graphic approach was the way to go in wrapping products but that's something I miss these days especially in this country that mostly shuns the subtle marketing approach and embraces the in-your-face way of selling.

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