Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What should I post about today? Not much I guess. Today's as slow as the days before it. There's not much to recount except for the fact that I firmly established the fact that I do have a cold sore after seeing the lesions and searching for the reason for it online. It's on its 4th day and it's still got 10 days to go before it finally runs its course. I first thought I got it from nuzzling my pup (never mind if they've been outside doing who knows what) and cats then this article I read last night dispelled that. Apparently 80% of the general population has it, they just don't know it yet until such time that a rash of fever or stress activates the stuff. Based on my understanding it would be a lot like the Mycoplasma pulmonis virus that exists inside rats, they're just not showing in the majority of those pets until something triggers them (forgive the comparison as that's the closest thing that came up to mind).

Right now I'm in that stage between wanting to do something creative but can't because I feel like crap. I'd probably mess up any artwork I'd be doing hence bringing me down further from the resulting frustration. I'm desperate to run out there and go someplace else but I'm all out of cash and not being able to do things or eat whatever it is I'd want to would result in further frustration. It's too humid I can't sleep. Things could be a lot better but I don't have any idea how right this minute. Did I also mention I've been having these coughing fits for almost two weeks? I've been coughing so much my hearing is starting to get affected (you know how you pinch your nose and puff your cheeks out to pop your ears? Me thinks it's the same connection with the coughing fits and hearing loss). Things could be a lot better.

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