Wednesday, June 20, 2007

And I was wondering who would tag me to do this meme after reading the answers from the other blogs. So here goes, "Six Weird Things About Me," as tagged by my good friend, Ganns:

1. I watched "Titanic" a total of 8 times on the big screen. And I kept expecting those poor* people would survive. Now the world knows my shame.

2. I'm totally off the beaten track in music. Ever since I came of age I tend to swim out off the main stream and listen to a tune by band or group that others thought was totally kitsch at the time but was eventually embraced by the adoring public give or take a decade later. Case in point: While everyone was either into Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet in the 80s, I was also on the sly with the Eurythmics. Their music lead me to listen almost exclusively to techno while the others moved to glam rock as the years progressed.

3. I've been wearing baggy pants since high school.
There were only two styles of wearing pants for men back then: slim-fit or baggy pants. Being the scrawny kid that I was (not that being scrawny was an excuse since a lot of my other lanky peers opted to wear the other one in homage to the then-cool icon, Michael Jackson). I chose the latter which persists to this day. While we're still on the subject of retaining trends from the past, I'd like to mention that I sport my hair really short ever since senior year in high school in homage to the New Order's lead singer, Bernard Sumner who also sported a military cut.

4. I still have my report card, notebook, and other "junk" from childhood. I'm a "pack rat" that's very aware of the times ever since I can remember. The fact is I tend to keep things in my cabinet and drawers just because is something that my mother couldn't understand but tolerates anyway. I still have some things from my childhood hidden away inside my room. That old episode from the Twilight Zone TV series where a leprechaun captured by a kid advices him not to throw his stuff away as a reward for his release. He only realized this wisdom as an old man when he later got rich from the proceeds when he auctioned off everything.

5. I think chicken meat is slimy. That's why you won't almost ever see me eating chicken thighs and other parts thereof except for the breast part which is the only part I'll ever eat. The ligaments from the thigh part makes me real queasy and there's not much to pick on the wing part anyway. Another thing, I like my chicken fried or broiled. I'm not a fan of the other ways of cooking.

6. I'm not geeky enough to qualify as one. I thought I was one for the longest time but if one were to believe the results of the almost hundred online quizzes I took I always fall short based on the constant definition of a geek. I'm always either 2/3 geek or just above the half range and the fact of the matter is I don't even speak much of the "language" although I know enough to understand it. *Gasp!* Do you know what this means?! I'M IN GEEK LIMBO!

* And the rich folks too.
** Awright, for the next round of answers I'm tagging Patrick, Lyndon, Lei, Jhedde, Daniel, and Henry.

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