Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This was the first time I dropped by UST ever since the alternative class thing with the comics me and Lyndon did in the College of Science some one or two years ago, I forget. I don't drop by this campus more often compared to my high school alma mater precisely because it's farther away and it's sorta out of the way compared to the other. But in terms of sheer improvements I've got to hand it to the Dominican priests for coming up with the most impressive changes in this University so far. Aside from the four(?) level carpark cum commercial center in front of the College of Music and the spanking new facade of the UST Hospital, they totally redid the front of the main building doing away with the parking slots, the trees, and road and converting it to a park complete with tiled floors and park benches. Former students of this University will know what I'm talking about and will be totally in awe of the changes made like this picture of the main building showing a bit of what I'm talking about:

I'm set to go back next week for my copy of the transcript of records next week so I'll be able to do a before and after picture comparison of the campus. As an aside too, it's too awesome that I went there when I did as I accidentally met up with a couple of old friends I haven't seen in a long, long time. Well, they're old friends but they're more half my age. One of them was a former student in one of the art seminars I did some two years ago and the other is a son of a couple of really good friends, he calls me Tito or "Uncle" as I've been looking after him ever since I was in college and he was one year old. Now he's eighteen, in college, and taller than me.

Anyhoo, on my way home I spied a strange thing pasted on the door of the MRT:

I first thought some kid impishly pasted his drawing in the cover of the crowd but upon further observation I discerned it to be a computer printout and though the drawing resembled that of a child's the lines were deliberately drawn to approximate some childish strokes. That plus the F-R-E-D written on its tummy area led me to think that this is probably a modern version of the Salenga mystery. Will we see more of FRED? Stay tuned.

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