Monday, June 04, 2007

We lost Mico earlier today when my dad left him outside the gate to fend for himself when he ran outside and refused to run in again when my dad went out in the wee hours of the morning for his daily walk. He didn't even check if the dog was all right when he got home. I only found out about it when I brought out their metal dish to feed him and our dalmatian, Tommy, their breakfast. I looked under every parked car outside our house as he usually hid under some o f them when this happened the first time. I tried calling out to him, clucking my tongue in that familiar sound I use to call out to them, I roamed the surrounding blocks. He was nowhere to be seen. Our driver and I even tried the local dog pound but we were told they stopped rounding up stray dogs last February, they even brought the log book in case we didn't believe them. Then we passed by the nearby squatter's area in case we chance upon him alive or at least his body. Nothing.

Rest In Peace li'l buddy, I'll see you again on the other side. I just pray you didn't suffer anything before they stole you away from us.

* This picture was taken last December 28, 2003 / 02:45:29, a couple of days after my dad brought him home from the province. He would have been four years old this year.

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