Saturday, June 09, 2007

With the popularity of comic books while we were growing up and the surge of comic book heroes being adopted into the big screen by "Hollyweird," does it surprise anyone that fighting crime while dressed up in costume (colorful spandex, even) is happening in real life? And they're not in comic conventions either. They're real-life superheroes or as comic book writer, Warren Ellis, likes to call them these days, "underwear perverts."

Citizen Prime



Chris Guardian

Mr. Silent and Doktor DiscorD


I first saw the report about these deviants in today's episode of Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld, these costumed scourge of society's underbelly however do not possess superpowers but just like Batman they learned to improvise and use various implements you would never give a second look or like the others, just plain guts and derring-do. When they're not fighting or patrolling crime ("which is hard to come by," laments Citizen Prime) they change tires, distribute flyers or calling cards advertising their services, give water & snacks to the homeless, shovel snow off of sidewalks during the day, use angle grinders to cut wheel clamps off vehicles, or even, organize labor rallies and protests, and file petitions. After a day's work some of them park their rears in front of the computer and visit many online superhero communities like the World Superhero Registry. There's still so much to say about these but it's better that you check the provided links and have yourself a really good time reading how and why these good citizens came up with what they're doing right now.

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