Sunday, December 30, 2007

I finally got my own Snowshoe Siamese! You see I've been looking for this new breed of cat ever since I saw one of 'em in BioResearch last month. Though rare I didn't grab the chance to buy it when I saw her because of two factors weighing against that decision:
1. It was too expensive. I could have gotten the equivalent of three (count 'em, 3!) Siamese kittens for the price they were selling her.

2. I'm partial to male kittens. Why? Because male cats are larger and therefore there's more to love, they're not moody and will readily approach their people compared to female cats who will approach only when they're in the mood. Plus the fact that neutering is a lot cheaper than spaying.
Another thing is that although I'm not wont to patronizing pet shops I do make some small and rare concessions when a good deal can be had. For instance, when I first saw these pair of kittens in Cartimar yesterday I knew exactly what they were and how much they're really worth. The pet store owner didn't have a clue and priced them the same as the Siamese kittens being sold elsewhere, which isn't much say 1/3 of what local pet stores would sell them.

I went back there earlier today and struck a bargain with the store clerks for the pair (that's the beauty of buying wholesale around these parts, you're allowed to slash off a fourth or even a third of the original price). The owner relented and I got them almost half the price of what was originally quoted to me yesterday! Mwahahahaha!!! They're around 2 months old and a bit on the skinny side but I aim to change all that with four meals a day feeding with ground meat and pet milk. Hopefully they'll take to it.

Without further adieu I'd like you all to meet the brother and sister, Theo and Tea:

I haven't decided yet if Tea's name is to be pronounced as Tee-yah or Teh-ya
as opposed to the original German,

This was taken some hours ago with my camera phone inside the bathroom where they could settle down first before transferring them to my room in the coming days ahead.

Although the dark points on the noses isn't part of the average Snowshoe pattern it'll predictably darken and most probably spread out all over their faces when they mature like this, this or more likely like this handsome fat fellow.

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