Friday, January 04, 2008

Copied this from one of the forums I'm frequenting. It was a serious, innocent yet valid, question from a newbie but the answer from what I'm guessing to be an oldie hiding behind an "alternick" couldn't resist answering thus:
is "HUMAN MILK" ok for dogs to drink...?????

ok yun sir.. na try ko sa dog ko... after 2 weeks natuto sya magsalita

* * *

use a cleaver.. yung pinakamalaki. pag nahati yung cavy mo sa 2 ibig sabihin mali ginawa mo. lagyan mo nalang ng betadine tas ilibing mo.

diba yun yung rak en rol (his reply to the discussion about accidents while clipping guinea pigs' nails)

* * *

pakainin mo ng oresol

tried it on my cavy patay agad... yung cavy ko. (on deworming cavies)
His smartass answers ticked a lot of people off, especially in the small animals forum who immediately reported his post to the site admin. I do admit it's got a sadistic side to it flamers posting comments like these are still mild in my opinion and it's best that they ignored him instead of feeding him with posts retaliating to his.

* UPDATE: It wasn't an alternick like I mentioned earlier but a cousin of one of the forum regulars who says he's got a bit of a loose screw that's why he posts things like that.

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