Sunday, January 06, 2008

I didn't say this in yesterday's post but I really don't like watching or hearing myself on TV or elsewhere. I feel real awkward doing so. I mean I only got over my fear of public speaking in the last couple of years or so because of the seminars and alternative classes I've helped facilitate but seeing myself on the monitor makes me cringe. Add to that fact the folks at home didn't seem too pleased at the fact that I was being interviewed and will be seen on primetime TV for talking about and taking care of rats. It was like they 're already anticipating the questions from their friends about my hobby.

Some people sent me a text message last night telling me how surprised they were when they saw the interview (short though it was). The first news was a call of mostly squeals of astonishment and delight from a fellow cat lover whom I met online. Other comments poured in the next couple of hours. A lot of them were wondering why didn't I tell them I was coming out on TV. I only actually informed just a handful of the possibility of me being on the program that night. I saw the trailer for last night's episode in my friend, Stanley's house earlier in the evening (a very late Christmas party for "Topak Magazine" artists) and there wasn't anything in it to indicate they would be showing it that night. Although my mom did tell me they were showing it as scheduled but even then she wasn't sure it was going to push through. So you could imagine my apprehension later that night during the birthday celebration of my high school buddy, Jorge (you can see him in my comic strip). There were a lot of people: his wife, older brother and his girlfriend, his younger brother and wife, badminton friends, friends from the military, friends of friends, friends of the girlfriend of friends... You get the idea.

We haven't seen each other in months and the last thing I want is to talk about is what I was in TV for (they only know I draw comics and do it well but they don't know that I also have unusual pets). I don't know, it sounds took geeky and I didn't want to go in into details on why and how I had them for pets. I don't want to talk about these things in front of people I don't know while they're eating kaldereta and sashimi. You won't have any idea if and when you offend anybody with the topic or someone makes a careless comment about these animals. Like I said before I don't like the attention so it's just better to keep quiet and all.

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