Sunday, January 27, 2008

I just came home from the belated birthday bash of my Bible studymate, Jundee, which was held at a dampa style eatery by the Marikina River Banks. It was my first time both at the eatery (it wasn't as developed the last time I was there along with the founding members of the Den some years back) and with them in this kind of celebration, opting to excuse myself in the past because of some things I had to attend to.

We were supposed to meet earlier in the afternoon during the Bible study but I wasn't able to go because my uncle and aunt from my mother's side were having a farewell party (despedida) before they immigrate to Los Angeles. Anyhow, the place was ok. Reminded me of the old dampa when things weren't as organized as some places now are like the ones in Libis or Hobbies of Asia in Pasay. There were around fifteen guests all in all, some of which were the old peeps from the original group whom I've haven't seen for quite some time. One of the more interesting things I should mention is the uncanny similarity of one of my acquaintances with my friends from high school. I'm talking about our old study leader, Wendel. He's a bully type big Spanish-Chinese mestizo who looks a lot like his older brother except for some minor differences (of course) and is as close to him as well. Compare this with my friend Jorge from high school who's a lot like them in every way. I'm left thinking about the uncanny similarities in the pattern which is weird in a cool kinda way.

Back to the festivities, as to be expected in these kinds of places we miscalculated the amount of food that could be consumed considering that almost all the guests were males whose appetites are legendary. We had a third of food left over and a huge mound of white rice sitting on a plate when we left. And to think we were all famished when we first arrived.

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