Friday, January 04, 2008

A local TV network came over to the house earlier to interview me about my pet rats. I got the call for the interview last night when I was in a hedgehog breeder's home in Quezon City. We were talking about our hobbies and how a couple of the Philippine Pet Finder forum regulars were interviewed by the same network. He then mentioned that he was contacted thrice by the TV people to feature him and his hobby and how he turned them down also three times. We were in the middle of this discussion when my phone rang.

They were supposed to interview another rat enthusiast from Cavite (who also got his stock from me) but he declined and gave them my name. Al (the caller) asked me lots of questions about my background in caring for these rodents blah-blah-blah (I stopped breeding and might go back into it again if the conditions are right). They set the interview today and the first schedule they gave me was 1 pm. I said OK. I went out early to the pet store to get some extra supplies like water bottles and new food bowls. Then he sent me a text asking if they could move it to 10 am. I told them it was OK with me but I have to check with the family if they'd agree. Then after an hour or so they sent another text message apologizing and said they're moving it back to 1 pm. Then earlier today they said they'll be over at 5 pm since they'll be coming from Laguna.

I said OK but come 5 pm Al called again and said they're pushing it to 8 pm and if I'm still agreeable with the time? I told them I had a meeting at 7 pm, sighed and told him OK I'll wait. I informed the others I'll be late for the meeting. Come 7:30 pm the camera crew pulls over in front of our house, bring in their equipment (a TV camera and a tripod) and sets them up in our living room. They spend the next hour recording me playing with the little rascals, introduce them by name, feed them and simulate me giving their tails a bath. The interview itself consists of around 8 questions which I think I answered well but not as comfortable as I should be had they given me the questions beforehand. When they finished, my friends informed me they won't be able to stay for long and are in fact going home. Feeling disappointed about how the way things went I still made my way to the mall with the intention of just walking around and having a bite to eat. Thing is what was supposed to be a short stop inside a used books shop extended a good half hour when I found a treasure trove of books which effectively took off a huge chunk of my salary. I'll tell you guys about those books tomorrow, right now I've gotta sleep.

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