Sunday, January 06, 2008

This is a curious picture I took with my phone. It's a small print of what looks to be a 18th century painting hanging above the sink inside the bathroom of the bar/resto me and the rest of the people were hanging out last night during the birthday of my friend. The picture I took is only half of the painting, the other half showing another couple being lovey-dovey to each other.

This is curious because of the nature of the prank being played on the lady. It was curious only at first though. Initially I thought the painting played on a racist theme with the guy putting on a blackface to scare the wits out of the girl. The period of the time being so "innocent" people usually frowned upon those who weren't as fair skinned and readily associated those with darker complexions as someone associated with the ones living in the netherworld (if you're familiar with history you'll know what I mean so I don't to spell it out). It was in this context that I saw the picture.

I only realized now upon doing research, while writing this thing at the same time, that, based on the guy's costume, he was a harlequin (the ancient equivalent of clowns) and harlequins put do put on blackfaces. As to why they do what they do, I found out that I uh... wasn't too far off with my earlier assumption. The guy really was scaring the wits out of the lady because he was playing the role of someone from the netherworld. I forgot what the point of this whole thing was anyway.

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