Saturday, January 26, 2008

This is a very rough sketch of a couple of new birds I saw in our yard these past few days. It's because of this accidental tree we have in the middle of it that attracted these birds (I say accidental because it was just one of those saplings that were originally planted in one of those mobile plant boxes and replanted in this cement one beside a wall. We let it grow tall and I think it hit paydirt with the underground sewer and so grew up to be this huge magnificent tree). This one's different from the other birds I've blogged about some months back that whistles this one tune over and over again. This one gives out short tweets like the sound of paper or plastic being squished (sorry, it's the closest thing I could come with). It's bigger than the Maya (House Sparrow) and when it perches near the ground it fans out its tail like so. I haven't anything like this before and I was hoping maybe a bird watcher or two out there could help me identify it. It has black or dark gray feathers with a hint of brown, I think, and white feathers underneath on the chest and throat like a penguin.

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