Friday, February 22, 2008

I am sick and tired of all these talk of corruption in the government. Of people calling the present President the most corrupt in all history. Riiiight. Like we haven't heard that one with every succeeding administration. I can't watch local news without encountering the latest updates on the same story (TV networks have this knack of scraping whatever scum remains at the bottom of the barrel be it local showbiz gossip or politics) or newspapers and tabloids screaming anarchy from the headlines.

WAKE UP!!! This is just plain quarreling among thieves, people! It's the media's job to hype the story to sell more papers or drive up their ratings. Can't we for once, again, think for ourselves on what's good for the country?! Do you think driving GMA and her advisers out of Malacanang solve everything?! Do you really think you'll be satisfied with whoever will replace her? For how long? I bet you all will be up in arms again demanding the replacement step down for not being any better than his predecessor. I do agree with Carlos Celdran with what he posted in his blog about this whole mess:
"But please don't tell me that all the politicians pursuing this issue aren't little piglets either (below). Getting little greasy slices of pork from projects like the NBN is modus operandi in ANY administration - it's no secret to us and it's no secret to the senators doing the grilling. It's been the modus operandi for decades! Where else would ANY administration get money to do things like, oh, give to senators and congressmen for their election campaigns? Senators and Congressmen don't come for free, ya know. Tip: instead of looking at the noisy ones, let's try and count who are the quiet ones in Senate and Congress. Perhaps they are quiet because they already were given their pieces of the pork. And it's only the squealing ones that are upset because they didn't get theirs. Hence, if it's all just piggies fighting piggies over pieces of pork that they just pass on to other piggies, then it's just politics in the end. Period. Philippine politics and governance is sick, that is as obvious as obvious can be. But will this Jun Lozada scandal be the catalyst for the great changes that need to be made? Ha! Great changes will be done in this society through small ways and on a person to person basis. Paradigm shifts don't happen through Senate hearings. Trust me, this "moral revolution" WILL NOT be televised." (More...)
Don't drag me into this mess by taking any side in the matter. Each of them is not better than the other. And the Catholic Church, who's supposed to guide their members to think and make decisions based on supposed Biblical principles is no better as some Bishops like Lingayen Arcbishop Oscar Cruz thinks his time is better spent making press releases for anti-government rallies instead of calling for sobriety. So did Fr. Manoling Francisco, SJ who used the pulpit in the recent La Salle mass as his soapbox for saying only Lozada told the truth as opposed to the others as guilty of lying, bribing, kidnapping, obstruction of justice, among others when the investigation wasn't yet finished. Wouldn't it better if he used the pulpit to chide the greedy parties from both sides of the party instead of implying himself to be a judge voicing God's opinion in the matter? No wonder a lot of Filipino Catholics turn away disillusioned with their faith.

Sobriety, people. Don't let opinions sway your decisions, most especially those coming from the local news media.

* Picture copied from the Project Retrospective Facilitation Service article, "How is your project going?"

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