Wednesday, February 27, 2008

There are a lot of things I would like to change with this strip I submitted to the paper, particularly panels 2 and 4. I would definitely do an overhaul of those two. I was set to do the strip earlier in the evening and the problem started when I suddenly realized I didn't do any research whatsoever on how to play Wii.

From the top of head I could somehow picture Wii players doing all sorts of poses as they engage in all sorts of games requiring whole body movement but of course I couldn't properly translate it on paper without any reference. Fast forward much later in the evening and early in the morning when I already got the poses down pat (which wasn't really any different from playing other game consoles) that I was struggling with the words. I forgot to write everything that came to mind. The brilliant and witty banter was totally lost. I finished everything past three in the morning tired and sleepy from the work that you see above. Gaaaahhh!

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