Friday, July 25, 2008

Fixed the Bloground Muzak widgetmacallit at the left bar (the one that looks like an old cassette tape right below the clock) which plays different New Wave tunes from the 80s. Unlike the old b.g. music which starts automatically, no doubt annoying the socks off a lot of you, you'd have to click the play button on this one to get it to start. It also plays different tunes unlike the old one which played only one song.

Titles, version/s of the song (mostly rare extended tracks)* , and name of the artist/s are included in case you're curious. On a related note I found this cool local blog which not only reminisces on the old times but also includes a lot of new wave songs for download and stuff - Julia's Club Eighties.

* Nobody does extended or mix versions of original songs these days, which is sad, really. But then again a lot of them new songs aren't good enough for extended or club mix versions anyway. I'll also be updating the list every now and then to include other types of music I also like.

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