Tuesday, July 29, 2008

While the whole of Geekdom salivates at the teaser trailer of Watchmen, I can't help but feel left out. In a way, apathetic about the whole thing. I was intrigued with the prospect of Director Zack Snyder taking on the project when it was announced on a small box among other movie news about a month after 300. Back then it was a piece of news that somewhat excited me having heard of the graphic novel, and seeing the cover displayed in comic book shops here and abroad, for years but now that the hype's being built up around it with the release of the first trailer I'm like "hmmm... what?"

It's like Sin City all over again. I also didn't get what the heck was the excitement in all that was all about (include the "Kill Bill" series there too). While I'm totally "with it" that Hollywood's too bankrupt with original ideas to finally embrace the one medium any one thought was too childish in the past to take seriously but I'm personally drawing the line on hyping it up too much beyond its original intent. This not only applies to things that have only come out in previews but also around good things that have been around till it entered the mainstream and its own popularity proved to be its own worst enemy, if not, its eventual demise. I won't enumerate what these things were (I've been branded an elitist for thinking some things should be left alone under the radar and not be touched by the mainstream) but I'll have this to say about the upcoming Watchmen movie: I'll rave about it after I'm finished watching it on the big screen. Till then please allow me the luxury of waiting, free from any expectations whether raised or shot down. Thank you.

* On a related note, cartoonist, Scott Kurtz said something similar about this annoying phenomenon.

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