Monday, December 29, 2008

Just when things can't get any better, an Australian company comes up, pulls this outta my dreams and make it a reality:
When Old Becomes New Again - GF350

TEAC Australia introduces the GF-350 Turntable CD Recorder and Radio that allows all those old vinyl classics to be recorded to CD with the touch of a button.

So if Dad’s been hanging onto LPs featuring the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Beach Boys, Buddy Holly and the like, this is the ideal gift for him!

This new innovative audio product features a 3-speed Turntable to play those golden oldies, CD Player/ Recorder and AM/FM radio with built in speakers and amplifier.

Now all those old 33 LPs and 45s can come out of storage and be recorded directly onto a blank CD for the convenience of playing. Enjoy this music in the car or at home and preserve those old records for perpetuity!

So don’t go through the trouble of having to connect a turntable to a computer or an outboard CD recorder, rather copy those records easily and effectively to CD.

Not only can you record from vinyl, you can also add external devices like a cassette deck via the aux input and record directly onto CD.

Is your record mastered at a low volume? No problems. The GF350 allows you to increase the volume output when recording to CD.

While the GF-350 permits playback of all vinyl formats, it also features a 32-track Music Memory and Auto/Manual Track Increment that allows for the track number to be recorded.

Aesthetically, this new product blends the stylish yet traditional Turntable features with the contemporary and sleek finish of the LCD Display with Backlight and rotary volume control.

New releases, such as the GF-350, demonstrate how TEAC Australia is advancing its future direction and continuing to be a pioneer in evolving technologies.

Just saw one earlier in the mall and a couple of months more and I'll be able to afford this sucker!

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