Saturday, January 03, 2009

Movie FAIL. That's what happened tonight. I was supposed to go with the 'rents to watch Shake, Rattle & Roll X in Megamall, I searched a suitable schedule and cinema and went ahead to buy some pet supplies while they were waiting for the availability of the driver. It was getting late and I had to go ahead of them so everything would be smooth sailing, with no time being wasted. But when I had bought everything I needed, I waited. And waited. And waited.

I tried calling my mom's cellphone twice. Nobody's answering. I called the landline at home expecting they decided to call it quits. Nobody was answering. A couple of minutes later I received a text message from my mom sending her apologies for not hearing her phone ring and ton inform me that they were already inside the movie theater.

That sucks.

Then again, I thought, I didn't have any right to be angry about what happened, "Consider it a privilege if they decided to watch the movie with you." I already watch the movie anyway, so I decided to kill some time in Powerbooks till closing time. After the mall closed I decided to kill more time before having a late dinner by walking all the way though EDSA Central.

I didn't know they created a huge lawn in place of the old jeepney parking lot on the left side. Hooray for them. Wonder when that will open? I stopped by this small eatery we used to pass by but never entered to see how much a meal costs. A viand plus rice costs 2/3 less than what a burger meal in one of those fastfood chains usually costs. They're one of the series of small eateries open 24/7 in the area serving mostly employees of call centers nearby. After that small meal I walked the rest of the way home crossing over the recently constructed footbridge for the third time.

The chill in the air remains making the journey more bearable, at least, tonight.

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