Friday, April 17, 2009

The young cat killer posted an apology today in his blog about the (now deleted) incident he was so proud of:

Here's one reaction from the Cats' Lair group whom I'm a member of and I agree with:


All we need to do is get this guy expelled from UP, please write to: The NIPS Dean and the College Disciplinary Committee. This guy needs a police record and psych counseling stat.

NIPs is the National Institute of Physics? If this guy graduates from UP or anywhere in the country, he'll be a physicist with psycho-sado terrorist tendencies. Imagine him in a lab with a laser and a cat victim-to-be.

2009 Code of Conduct
Would like to complain on Section 1.3 Harm (Section 1. Acts of Misconduct and Sanctions for Students) but descriptions don't apply (harm to persons or things), kitty abuse and murder neither person nor thing, unless you can make "future potential harm to persons" stick.

Found this, pg.21 of 83:
Acts of Misconduct
e. Engaging in disgraceful conduct within University premises;

Admonition to expulsion. The student may be advised to undergo counseling.

Section 1.6. Any other form of Misconduct
Acts of Misconduct
Engaging in any other form of misconduct, whether within or outside
University premises, which affects the good order and welfare and/or good
name of the University.

Admonition to expulsion.

pp. 39 of 83
Section 1. Disciplinary Bodies
There are three (3) disciplinary bodies in the University: the Student
Disciplinary Council (SDC), the College Disciplinary Committee (CDC) and the
Inter-College Disciplinary Committee (ICDC).

What if he bores of cat murder and gets aggressive with people? Does UP Diliman want to give him powerful science skills to use against living things?

Posting reactions on his blog would only invite more laughter and derision from him and his friends (which you can see in the comments below the so called apology). Better bring this incident to the attention of the proper authorities.

* I edited the post to delete some comments I made making fun of his apology and against his person. The apology may be sincere and I'd like to leave it at that. The boy certainly needs help and making fun of him online won't do anything constructive. I just hope he rightly responds to therapy and that good people surround him and influence him toward a better life.

By the way, someone sent this picture in the mail of the kitten he carelessly killed.

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