Wednesday, August 08, 2012

“I do forgive him. I think he realizes how bad it was to make that tape,” Elizabeth said after hearing a snippet of Smith’s subsequent apology video. “I feel sorry for him and his family, and for everything that has happened to him since.” Following the controversy over his video, Smith was promptly fired by his employer.


"I don't know if i'm a hero, I'm just a service worker doing my job," she said.

Finally, Varney asked her to directly address Smith via the camera. She obliged: “I forgive you. I really hope that America will forgive you and treat you with the respect that I chose to treat you with that day.” (Chick-fil-A Worker Rachel Elizabeth Talks To Fox About Incident Caught On Video by Andrew Kirell [MEDIAite.com])

Wonderful interview by the unflappable Rachel Elizabeth by the equally unflappable Stuart Varney.

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