Friday, March 28, 2014

Crisis Averted 

Day 3: I found more than a couple surprises today among the newly planted shrubs which gives me an assurance that everything's going to be more than okay. First up, I found this budding red flower in the Bouganvillea. The first flower I got ever since I purchased it! Yay!

Then there were these new leaves coming out from the Ixora (Santan) plants which means both types are adjusting quickly and nicely to their newfound space in the plantbox! Yay!

There were also these new leaves coming out nicely from the— uh... I have no idea what these clinging vines are called. But the sellers told me they're quite fragile when this young but look at them:

And last, but not least, are the transplanted bouganvilleas with yellow bracts that got me nervous. See how nicely they're recovering under the morning sun:

To think before I didn't think I could develop a green thumb. So, again, YAY!

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