Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Repotting Done 

I got to transfer half of the plants I collected from different points of time last year into the newly installed plant boxes (thanks to our all-around handyman).

These are the Santan plants (Ixora grandiflora Ker) that I salvaged from my lola's place in Bulacan before it was torn down and renovated to a gas station. A variegated Bouganvillea plant and a lily-type of plant that was previously salvaged by our former maid thrown out into the street somewhere. In between the Santan plants are the creeping wall plants I also got it Bulacan.  

This is the yellow Bouganvillea flowering plants I got from the Manila Seedling Bank early summer last year. Its present condition after repotting has me worried. Hopefully it will live and pick up tomorrow.

Edited (7:54 pm): The condition the tree is in, I just learned, is called a transplant shock coming from the disturbance of the roots. There's nothing much I can do about it now except to tend to it as best as I can. I just pray it won't lose as many leaves as both trees try to recover. Ergh.

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