Thursday, July 26, 2012

After an unexpected delay in the schedule of the opening of the exhibit, Jomike Tejido, opened his second Robotars exhibit last night at the Vinyl On Vinyl gallery in Makati. There's certainly a sense of fun and wonder when you come in through the doors and its hard to feel otherwise with the whimsical idea of a gallery full of creative ways to dress up a stylized vinyl tarsier. The exhibits are set up on black painted pedestals of different heights and while most of the pieces stand solo allowing themselves to be viewed on the basis of the artists' interpretation. A few of them include a tableau (diorama) or, in the case of one piece, included a blown-up custom-made colored comic page to accompany his piece.

The place was already packed when we arrived at the place which was also brightly lit. Guests were milling around the area glancing up around every now and then to see who else has arrived in between close scrutiny of their favorite statue.
Posted on one wall were pictures of contributions by vinyl artists from Singapore and Rome, Italy
On the opposite side was a contest encouraging attendees to come up with their own designs for a Robotar figure
The highlight of the evening came later when Jomike, Juanito "Quiccs" Maiquez and Anjo Bolarda did a live collaboration art demo on a huge blank board hanging on one side of the room.

The creative way the artists played with their statues was so outstanding I really had a hard time picking out a favorite. These are some of the Robotars on exhibit that caught my eye:

"After the Feast" by Nico & Dino Lopez (left) and "Nipsy" by Nemo Aguila

"Ordineri" by Rev(?) (left) and "Rocketar" by Lino "Vectorizta" Reyes

"Bitukatar" by Yas Doctor (left) and "Sugar Rush" by Jaime Bauza(?)

"Mister Woof" by Knockout(?) (left) and Untitled by Jood

"Ms. Matched" by Tin G. and "Kabukimono" by Glenda Abad (left) "Roboccini" by Jem Basilio and "My Pet Gangstah" by Abigail Montana

"Reborn" by John Eugene A. Avila (left) and "Bulleft Punk" by Juanito "Quiccs" Maiquez 

Title and artist unknown (left) and "Tar Dynasty" by Fran Alvarez

"Zombietar" by Mac P. Volante (left) and "Pollen" by Abi Dayacap

"Skullodance" by Ariel Santillan (left) and "Dotty" by Jonathan Rañola

"Think Doodle" by Lee Salvador (left) "Nikkita" by Mark Ruste and Untitled by Macoy

Jomike penciling to get the ball rolling (left); Jomike, Anjo, and Quiccs

Anjo putting in some details (left) and a finished shot of his work

Jomike's Robotar wearing Quicc's trademark robo-helmet (left) and the finished painting

Overhead shot of the gallery with the event winding down (left) Robotar blind boxes available at the venue

Last shot of the exhibit

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