Monday, August 13, 2012

This is an unpublished piece I submitted to the Komikero Komiks Anthology #9 which was slated to be released during this year's Summer Komikon but failing to reach the minimum number of submissions needed, the issue was postponed. The theme assigned was anything autobiographical whether an incident or anecdote each creator would like to tell a story of. I decided to go a different route, something I'd like to call metabiographical. It's not strictly a true incident that happened in the past but rather my views about online social networking. Inspired by an old Walt Disney animated short titled, Reason and Emotion:

It's something rather harsh but better the truth than hide behind something that's less than that. At least I think it's harsh. Anyway, this story would be included in the second edition of Hand Drawn, Quartered, & Other Tell-Tales to be released this October in time for the main Komikon event. You can read the rest of the story after the jump. 

Hope you enjoy it! Click each pic to enlarge it and hopefully y'all would leave a feedback. 

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