Monday, March 31, 2014

That's right 

Vincent Van Gogh's "View of the Sea at Scheveningen".

I feel like this painting. You can't spell painting without, "pain."

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Friday, March 28, 2014

What Time Is It? 

I got a box of what appears to be a cereal drink from my older brother in Korea earlier today. I tried looking for some information online if it's prepared the same way as the local brands or if it's green tea matcha? This is what I found:

Hardly the same thing.

I'll try this one out tomorrow morning and I'll be posting the results.

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Crisis Averted 

Day 3: I found more than a couple surprises today among the newly planted shrubs which gives me an assurance that everything's going to be more than okay. First up, I found this budding red flower in the Bouganvillea. The first flower I got ever since I purchased it! Yay!

Then there were these new leaves coming out from the Ixora (Santan) plants which means both types are adjusting quickly and nicely to their newfound space in the plantbox! Yay!

There were also these new leaves coming out nicely from the— uh... I have no idea what these clinging vines are called. But the sellers told me they're quite fragile when this young but look at them:

And last, but not least, are the transplanted bouganvilleas with yellow bracts that got me nervous. See how nicely they're recovering under the morning sun:

To think before I didn't think I could develop a green thumb. So, again, YAY!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

I learned something new today 

Day 2, the bouganvilleas seem to be recovering with extremely minimal leaf loss. Hopefully it'll be fully recovered by the weekend.
This unnamed plant I was talking about yesterday is called a Canna plant. 

The red and yellow flowers they give out when they're happy are called, Canna Lilies.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Repotting Done 

I got to transfer half of the plants I collected from different points of time last year into the newly installed plant boxes (thanks to our all-around handyman).

These are the Santan plants (Ixora grandiflora Ker) that I salvaged from my lola's place in Bulacan before it was torn down and renovated to a gas station. A variegated Bouganvillea plant and a lily-type of plant that was previously salvaged by our former maid thrown out into the street somewhere. In between the Santan plants are the creeping wall plants I also got it Bulacan.  

This is the yellow Bouganvillea flowering plants I got from the Manila Seedling Bank early summer last year. Its present condition after repotting has me worried. Hopefully it will live and pick up tomorrow.

Edited (7:54 pm): The condition the tree is in, I just learned, is called a transplant shock coming from the disturbance of the roots. There's nothing much I can do about it now except to tend to it as best as I can. I just pray it won't lose as many leaves as both trees try to recover. Ergh.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Because, Hollywood.

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Monday, January 06, 2014

My new designer toys by one of my favorite contemporary artists, Nemo Aguila. Been eyeing these babies ever since I first saw them in his Facebook page. 

Friday, January 03, 2014

What to do next? 

Got word of the next theme ("tomorrow") and deadline (March 15) for the next Komikero Komiks Anthology. It's the new year! No more last minute stuff! I can probably fit one of the existing stories I have in mind for this one... or probably do something new.

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